Manufacturing metal products, composite materials and related components.

Products for the construction of road infrastructure.

Products for the construction of housing infrastructure.

Wide perforation possibilities of the company.

Combining promising ideas into a single solution.

Our factory is focused on manufacturing metal products of cold- and hot-rolled steel, pig iron, rolled sections, non-ferrous metals, as well as using composite materials and related components. "MARKEN" LLC has developed its business model considering its partners being the key to successful development of its business. We appreciate reputation of our partners, and work hard for each of them to feel absolutely confident while implementing their projects jointly with "MARKEN" LLC. To get as close to our partners as possible while executing complex comprehensive projects, we have stretched our resources to the maximum in the area of design and development of designing the objects, and we have started implementation of new composite materials into production. This has allowed our company to attain full compliance of our product portfolio with our partners' requirements. We are open for cooperation and individually work with each our partner for developing long-term and mutually beneficial relations


High responsibility and reliability in partner relationship;
Extensive experience of cooperation with suppliers and customers in Russia and CIS;
Manufacturing complex products of metals and composite materials from a single sample to a large batch;
Guaranteed quality of products manufactured on modern, high-tech equipment;
Highly professional Design Center product development, modeling, and design;
Well-established integration opportunities in implementation of complex projects requiring additional external resources;
Experienced and highly qualified staff;
The Company is headed by top-grade professionals;
High-quality raw materials are delivered by reliable and well-tried suppliers;
Affordable prices;
We value our customers time, thus, the period of metal product manufacturing scheduled by us is always true-to-fact.


We cooperate only with reliable raw materials suppliers, and carefully select the best materials to provide our customers with products manifesting the uncompromising quality and maximum durability. We appreciate our suppliers and pay every effort to maintain a strong business relationship with them not less than with our customers, as we realize that raw materials quality means halfway through.


Over the eleven-year period of its activities, "MARKEN" LLC has turned from a narrow- specialized company engaged in metal perforation into the company implementing large-scale projects in the CIS in consortium with reliable partners.

The project-oriented approach to resource management and material and technical resources and project opportunities developed for 11 years enabled distinguishing three key areas for maximum efficiency in our product markets within our enterprise.

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