About "MARKEN" Company
MARKEN Company was founded in 2004 as a company focused on meeting the demand in metal products of high complexity and quality.

At present, the manufacturing base of "MARKEN" has greatly expanded and equipped with modern, high-capacity equipment:
  • Broadband, perforating presses "SCHULER";
  • Turret punch presses with CNC "AMADA";
  • Laser-cutting machine, series LaserCut FO Professional;
  • Milling-engraving machine RC-203S;
  • Element-by-element die-stamping machines;
  • Crop shear and bending press with CNC;
  • Other technological and supporting equipment;

The factory has assigned special areas for metal structures welding, cold stamping, bending, and powder painting. After introduction of CNC equipment, company production capacities have sharply increased, and it enabled us to expand the product range significantly:
  • Complex and high-precision products for gas, oil and chemical industries;
  • Metal products for furniture industry;
  • Metal products for the construction industry;
  • Metal products for road and bridge building (with creation of DORSNAB.PRO trademark).

Manufacturing of any product originates from an idea. What do you need to implement ideas? People having experience, knowledge, abilities and opportunities for their implementation. The key credo of "MARKEN" Design and Engineering Department is development and manufacturing of unique products in full conformity to our Customers wishes. This policy was directly comprised in methods of Design and Engineering Department activities. A harmonious combination of varied opportunities of modern computer-aided design (CAD) with traditions of domestic design school enable achieving the best balance between operational characteristics and the cost of the final product. Detailed design of engineering units and assemblies is accomplished by creating 3D models and a set of technical documentation, including operational and assembly drawings.

The Company "MARKEN" as a participant of road building market, supports in full the use of composite materials in production, and especially in construction of decorative railing and screens for bridges and overpasses. We have been investigating this direction in materials studies for more than a year so far, and gradually switch our manufacturing processes to technologies related to production of composite materials structures.

By 2012, "MARKEN METALL" has brought together a strong and coordinated managers team in all operation areas. Our team includes high-level professionals with an extensive experience in operations management, design and metal products manufacturing. Company chief executives demonstrate their professional skills every day and move the company forward.

"MARKEN" Company
Ginosyan A.
Chief Designer
Kozhunov S.
Production Director
Dadiyan R.


The quality of our products is not just a big word, it's a true philosophy of our work and existence as a company.

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