To achieve a maximum professionalism in solving complex production problems and meeting our customersí requirements in full, we have conducted a profound analysis of all production cycles at our factory and have identified three production areas supported by consortium members to achieve the highest technical level and quality of offered products at the lowest possible cost.

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1.†Development, design and manufacturing of metal products and structures for road and bridge building as a priority activity area of our company catering for the base of our product portfolio. Thus, we highlighted it and created a separate product line branded as DORSNAB.PRO
2.†Development, design and manufacturing of metal products and structures for individual housing construction and utilities. Within the area, we produce various components of building frames and structures, fasteners for façade constructions, hangars, doors, metal girders, beams, canopies and any other metal structures of different grade metals, according to customer drawings.

3.† Development, design and manufacturing of metal products based on metal sheet perforation being a source of our professional activities. The use of metal perforation sheet is based on combination of such opposite qualities as rigidity and flexibility, strength and lightness, making it a unique element for a wide range of use.

4.†Matching promising ideas into a single solution. Within the consortium, the roles are assigned in the manner for every participant to be engaged in the area where it reached the highest technical level at the lowest production costs.


"MARKEN" has developed its business model considering the partners being the key to successful development of our business, and we provide them with everything needed by 100% to perform our activities most effectively and efficiently. We appreciate reputation of our partners and work hard for each of them to feel absolutely confident in implementing their projects jointly with "MARKEN".


For closer cooperation with our partners within the scope of activities in design, construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of road and civil construction facilities, we have created two separate directions under the brands "DORSNAB.PRO" and "STROYSNAB" and have expanded their design and engineering opportunities by designing facilities of any complexity grade of a unique design and by using new composite materials in their manufacturing. This allowed our company to achieve the utmost conformity of its product portfolio and its customersí needs.

We are open to cooperation and approach each partner individually to cater for stable long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.

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