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Design & Engineering Department

Design & Engineering Department is a special pride of "MARKEN" Company. It includes highly qualified professionals able to cope with any task related to development of supreme complexity products. Our company offers integrated manufacturing solutions from the initial project stage (its concept) via providing design and engineering support to production of prototypes and subsequent integrated project implementing or mass production.

Design & Engineering Department of "MARKEN" uses advanced systems of computer design and metal structures detail drawings development catering for the most efficient Department functioning. CNC machine program compilation is based on files obtained from 3D modeling that eliminates possible errors in components manufacturing. The files received are processed by a production engineer and are distributed between CNC machines as ready-made cutting programs.
Using such programmable complexes facilitates a number of significant advantages in final product manufacturing:
  • the shortest period of metal structures detail drawings execution;
  • a possibility of batch product launch in manufacturing based on ready-made 3D models;
  • precise detecting product weight and dimensions;
  • complete visualization of installation diagrams and assemblies;
  • 3D modeling enables avoiding a lot of mistakes that are likely to occur within the chain of traditional finished product design.

As the design cycle is completed, a comprehensive analysis of manufacturing process is made for each part of the finished product.

To reduce material and labor consumption in metal product manufacturing while executing metal structures detail drawings considering the following basic requirements:
  • economical metal use;
  • use of unified elements, model structures and assemblies, reduction of the number of the number of components with maximum repeatability;
  • use of the minimum required dimensions in welded constructions (thickness and lengths) of welds, application of one-sided welded joints for structural and low-load elements;
  • possibilities of structures loading on the rolling stock and their shipment to installation site.

High-qualified design and engineering potential of "MARKEN" its design team are in for a daily search for innovative solutions in metal product processing and manufacturing. Implementing projects in product development, we are oriented at the completed cycle: prototype designing, testing and manufacturing aimed at obtaining the finished product with pre-determined properties and required quality indicators.

Production Department

Manufacturing is a very complex process; therefore, to ensure its efficacy, all its cycles are to be coordinated, including activity of many people and departments, often physically remote from each other. As soon as designer makes the drawing, control programs are compiled, and they are immediately sent to CNC machines at the shop for each processing stage to be performed automatically and without any errors. It enables each element to be identified at all production stages. Before delivery, all parts are subjected to a strict quality control, using modern technology.

Our company in the process of metal products production uses only first-class well-tried material (rolled metal) with a certificate of origin and certified quality. Rolled metal acceptance is done by piece with recording dimensions, brand and markings each rolled metal piece. The data about the rolled metal received are entered into database of the enterprise.

At the wide market of metal product manufacturers, our company specializes in high-quality metal structures manufacturing (with the weight of a single element up to 10 tons and dimensions up to 25 metres), in perforation and metal laser shape cutting, iron product casting, and high-quality integration services in production of complex products requiring different materials, shapes and methods of their processing.

To become a professional in our market segment, we have concentrated our manufacturing capacities on satisfying existing and potential customer need for quality metal products shaped profile products for road and urban building, gas, petroleum and chemical industries, furniture industry, mining, power energy and telecommunication sectors providing them with our products of required performance, safety and reliability properties. "MARKEN" as a construction market player fully supports the use of composite materials in this sector, especially in construction of decorative railing and screens for bridges and overpasses. Here, we are professionals with numerous completed projects (products and projects are available in "Products - DORSNAB.PRO" section). Currently, composites have prices comparable to traditional materials, and their physical and chemical properties enable a multifold costs saving in production and operation of products.

Administrative unit

Administrative staff includes: heads, deputy heads, employees in charge of enterprise divisions performing managerial functions. Skilled managers are the backbone of our company. The company is headed by high-level professionals with an extensive experience in operational management, design and production of metal products. The administrative staff at our company has a high qualification, experience and specialized education within their activity scopes. Besides, for enterprise development, we have top managers who completed their higher education with MBA degree (Master of Business Administration).

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